Cybersecurity is a topic seemingly shrouded in mystery.  Even as someone married to a cybersecurity expert, it can sometimes feel like I’m married to someone bilingual ─ every now and then he will switch from English to a foreign language I lovingly call TechnoTalk. Up until recently, I was happy in my ignorance. Then I was asked to help with the company communication strategy, and now I wish I had paid a little more attention over the years! 

When I looked at Effective Cyber Security from my perspective as a marketing communications expert, what was clear was that the company had outgrown the original messaging and website.  

ECS was growing rapidly, with a highly experienced tight-knit team and an enviable reputation. Set up as a predominantly service-based company and offering specialist consultative services for larger organisations, the ECS team had begun to realise that their ethos, values and expertise could be beneficial to a much wider audience and that by diversifying it would enable their continued growth.  

This realisation was occurring at the same time as the news of a global pandemic hit us. We already knew that smaller/medium-sized businesses were at greater risk of malicious attack before the pandemic and, due to many people working online from home, we saw first-hand this risk increase further as companies rushed to become more digital.   

The number of attacks, frequency and consequences for small/medium-sized businesses are alarming. Additionally, the fines that have been introduced by the ICO for failing to protect customer data means there are very severe and very real consequences for businesses which fail to establish cybersecurity measures.  

To help these businesses understand their risk, ECS began offering FREE vulnerability scanning for the duration of the first lockdown to help protect businesses, whatever their size, from some of the most common attacks. The response was astounding.  

What became clear was that cybersecurity can’t afford to stay shrouded in mystery. It needs to become a common language that we can all understand very quickly. At ECS we know we can help make this pivotal shift within the industry, but that doing so would require a change in our approach and overhaul our brand. 

We needed a confident, clean and simple approach to our branding and messaging.

The result, we are pleased to announce, that ECS has now become Cyberfit Security Ltd

Cyber security that fits perfectly

With our new name and logo, we want to communicate that we work in partnership with our clients, fitting perfectly into their businesses and working as an extension of their team to keep their systems secure. We proactively protect businesses by providing the perfect fit of security tools and services to enable them to grow securely whilst giving them confidence that, should issues arise, we are there to help them recover quickly and carry on with business as usual. 

Becoming Cyberfit is much more than a change of name, we have: 

  • Explained our straightforward four-step approach to cybersecurity 
  • Introduced a FREE vulnerability scan and initial assessment 
  • Stripped out as much jargon as we can and explained the rest of the TechnoTalk 
  • Been open and transparent with pricing (of course, some aspects are subject to scope and we always tailor our approach to fit with your needs and budget) 
  • Created cybersecurity packages designed for different sized businesses, giving companies highly effective security tools and wrap-around services with the option to spread costs throughout the year on a monthly basis. 
  • Introduced a ‘light touch’ security operations centre to give you maximum protection and peace of mind for your budget and business needs 
We have come a long way but now we need to get the word out there and share what we are doing to support smaller businesses.  
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