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Azure Sentinel Helping you defend against the threats of tomorrow

Next-generation SIEM that’s ready to deploy at the touch of a button for Microsoft 365, Azure, AD or Windows 10 customers.


Azure Sentinel is a cost-effective way to simplify and modernise your security operations. Collect security data from across your entire organisation and monitor it in one central location, giving you a bird’s eye view so it’s easier to spot suspicious activities and effectively deal with threats quickly.

Cutting Edge SIEM

The advanced machine learning that powers Azure Sentinel does not require a data scientist to interpret – anyone can understand and leverage the insights as soon as it’s activated. The machine learning models are based on decades of learnings from the Microsoft security team, and with trillions of signals across the globe fed in daily, its capabilities are unparalleled in the market. Sentinel connects the dots for you when it comes to threat detection.


Key Benefits

  • Minimal risk, no infrastructure, set up or maintenance costs typically associated with a traditional SIEM

  • Cost-effective, only pay for what you use with predictable billing and no upfront commitments. Connect Office 365 data for FREE.

  • Comprehensive data collection pulls in data from devices, users, apps, systems, servers and any cloud network

  • Rapid deployment accelerates proactive threat hunting with pre-built queries based on years of security experience.

  • Easy integration with existing tools and data sources including behavioural analytics and workflow systems.

  • Limitless cloud speed and cloud scale

Advanced Features to Save You Time

Automate common tasks and threat response – Azure Sentinel provides built-in automation with predefined or custom playbooks to solve repetitive tasks and to respond to threats quickly.

Reduces alert fatigue – Manually sifting through and correlating large numbers of alerts puts a huge burden on security analysts. Sentinel’s advanced AI differs from traditional correlation engines and can identify complex, multistage attacks to reduce false positives and help you drill down to the real threats faster.

Azure Sentinel Community – Where security professionals collaborate and share best practice so we can all find threats quicker

Azure Sentinel Deployment

Step-by-Step Support

Switching Sentinel on is easy but making sure it is connected to all your security data from across your entire business and that it is set up, configured and optimised correctly is more challenging.

To realise the benefits of Sentinel you need the expertise to understand what alerts mean and how to build on the intelligence and insights you gain.

Cyberfit experts can guide you through the process and support you to maximise the benefits from this ground-breaking Cloud-Native SIEM solution.

Cyberfit Managed Service Offer includes:

  • Assessment of your existing infrastructure to understand your needs

  • Provide a cost estimate based on the amount of data to process

  • Setup and configuration of Microsoft Azure Sentinel

  • On-board cloud and on-premises data sources

  • Building alert rules matching your needs and remediation capabilities

  • Threat triage, investigation and response from trained and skilled SOC analysts

  • Tuning and optimisation of your Microsoft Sentinel environment

  • Expert analysis of your risk and threat landscape providing you with continuous improvement to your security posture.

Why Cyberfit?


Our experts bring over 40 years of combined industry experience and can help your organization get Azure Sentinel up and running quickly. We know all typical SIEM deployment challenges and have done numerous successful installations for businesses of all sizes.


We are happy to manage Azure Sentinel as an extension of your security team or, if you would like to manage Azure Sentinel internally, we can work alongside your security team during the setup and deployment upskilling them over a predetermined handover period.


Sentinels comprehensive approach to data collection, threat detection, incident investigation and rapid response can help you meet key areas of regulatory compliance such as centralised logging, event correlation and incident investigation. Cyberfit has experience following a wide variety of security frameworks and adopting best practice including ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, GDPR.

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